Language Services

Expert language services with a friendly, professional approach

Document and Website Translation, Localisation and Proofreading

We can handle the translation or localisation of any type of text in any file format, from letters and contracts to brochures and websites.

Translations include proofreading by a second native speaker.

We offer proofreading of an existing translation or English only proofreading.

Interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Liaison, Business, Court, Telephone)

We can supply interpreters for all types of interpreting from Simultaneous Conference interpreting to Consecutive/Liaison interpreting for smaller business meetings or factory visits.

We also provide Court and Telephone interpreting services.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing/Typesetting

Our specialist language services include a complete translation and DTP/typesetting service and can translate and typeset brochures, leaflets and magazines in all languages. You just supply us with existing artwork! We work with the latest version of InDesign for PC or Mac.



Want to know what a video or electronic sound file (MP3, wav, etc.) or a CD/ DVD or tape says? Our translators can transcribe and translate these for you.

Certified Translations (any type of Certificate)

We regularly translate certificates for Visa applications, university entrance or overseas marriage. We can provide a translator’s certification letter to accompany the translation.

Transcreation – creative language services

Do you have a global advertising message which needs to be adapted from one language to another to suit the local audience whilst maintaining the style, tone and message of the original text? We can help!

Brand Name Checking

We offer this service to allow companies to check that a new brand name is culturally sensitive and will not cause offence or have negative connotations.


We can supply voices in any language for foreign language voice-overs.

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